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Random on Random

RORCATS™ Random on Random simulates  complex narrowband random on broadband random vibration environments.  Narrowbands may be swept or stationary.This vibration environment is typically seen in reciprocating equipment, repetitive impacts from tracked vehicles, and aircraft gunfire vibration.

CATS™ Random is the seed for CATS™ Random on Random. Your test is assured of true random control with patented Adaptive Control capability, which is enhanced, with the addition of narrowband generation. The ability to switch the NB on/off as well as sweep in the frequency range, WITHOUT causing “holes” in the broadband, is vital to test accuracy.


  • Up to 10 independent Narrowbands on a broadband random
  • Independent sweep profile for each narrowband (acceleration g2 /Hz vs. frequency breakpoints)
  • Independent sweep rate and direction (up, down, stationary) for each narrowband
  • Manual mode control of narrowband components (on/off, sweep rate, sweep direction )
  • Test and level scheduling
  • Powerful Adaptive Control permits the PUMA to adjust to non-linear conditions dynamically

Random on Random Product Brochure & Technical Specifications

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ROR Random on Random Specs
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