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What do the different status panel colors indicate in Multi-Ref Modal Acquisition?

A simplified voltage "tracking" system is provided by observing the channel status view panel. The colors of the various channel values will change based on the current channel voltage level being processed.

The following table allows the user to identify the channel voltage observed relative to the full scale (FS) channel range:

Grey Channel is inactive or not available.
Yellow    Channel voltage is less than 10% of the FS value.
Green Channel voltage is less than 99% of the FS value.
Red Channel voltage is greater than or equal to 99% of the FS value.


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How do I perform a simple amplitude check?

In order to confirm basic input channel calibration in the modal application, inject a known DC signal between 0.25v and 10.0v into an input channel. Set the channel coupling to DC and observe the online time history display for ampitude. The Grms display status panels are insufficient as a general indication since those calculations remove the DC component from the signal.

As an alternative, one can select an external sine wave at a known frequency and amplitude, select the "Calibration" window with "NarrowBand" scaling. The online linear spectrum amplitude at the sine frequency should match the Sine wave rms amplitude.


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