Shaker Control / Data Acquisition / Analysis Systems

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VIDASScalable systems for high speed transient capture or hard to measure fast-repetitive signals. Defining the power of VXI in data acquisition, testing, and control applications.
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BobcatThe most cost-effective, accurate, powerful entry into Structural Analysis available today.
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JaguarFive hundred plus channel data acquisition and analysis system for real-time acquisition, display and recording of satellite test data.
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Lynx24 bit input, compact, powerful, rugged and affordable with comprehensive test capabilities: Random, Sine, and Classical Shock with SRS displays.
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PumaOptimized for multi-tasking, and founded on industry connectivity and data interchange protocols, PUMA makes your entire test and validation process more timely and efficient.
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PC-Based Analysis Software

STAR7 Modal


STAR6 Acoustics

STAR7The STAR7 System™ Modal Analysis Software combines the latest structural analysis technology with an intuitive interface based on Microsoft Windows™.
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  STAR6 AcousticsOptimized for identifying noise sources and quantifying sound power, CATSAcoustics / STARAcoustics simplifies testing and helps you attain unmatched testing accuracy.
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We offer a broad range of Electrodynamic Shaker Systems, Head Expanders, Combo base Slip Tables and Fixtures.
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  PINDSince 1968, Spectral Dynamics, formerly Dunegan, has been providing complete test systems to perform the PIND test per all applicable Military Standards.
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