Road Simulation

click here Road Simulation makes it possible to reproduce actual measured time history vibration data in the laboratory on a shaker system. Extensive time Road history editing features enable large sets for field data to be easily reduced to the desired test time history. business plan writers milwaukee naval academy admissions essay Features:
  • Time domain editor for analysis and editing of field data (resample, truncate, copy, cut, paste, append, filter)
  • Filter (low pass, high pass, band pass) any segment or entire waveform
  • Output time history limited only by available throughput disk space (up to 18 Gbyte)
  • Convolution filter corrects for changes in system response during output
  • Auto gain adjust provides nearly instantaneous correction for gain level change
  • Spectral Dynamics convolution filter technique corrects for shaker system response and accurately replicates time histories.

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