Smart Interface Panel System (SIPS)




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SIPSSmart Interface Panel System (SIPS™)
accommodates front-end wiring and
special function signal conditioning requirements for differential or single-ended constant voltage / constant current, bridge completion, shunt cal, AC/DC coupling, and remote sense.

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VIDASVIDAS (VXI Data Acquisition System) is the merger of SD-VXI hardware and IMPAX-SD software for an integrated turn-key system solution.  These systems are designed for applications requiring both high-resolution-high-speed transient data acquisition and long duration high-resolution backup recording.  Large channel counts up to 1024 simultaneous channels.  Frequency range from 50 kSa/s/ch to 4 GSa/s/ch.
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  Choose our affordable standard system or built to order custom system.    
Ver. 6.0, 32 bit

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Spectral Dynamics Introduces the VX2805 Eight-channel Data Acquisition Module at the 74th Shock & Vibration Symposium.

Spectral Dynamics Introduces Two Smart Interface Panel System (SIPS) Products at the 74th Shock & Vibration Symposium in San Diego.

Spectral Dynamics Inc., Ships Hybrid, 316-channel Data Acquisition System to Sandia Labs.