Hardware features and specifications.

Spectral Dynamics Inc. has been delivering multi shaker control (MIMO) systems since about 2001. Over this time the requirements for additional output Drives has grown steadily as 3 DOF and 6 DOF testing gains in popularity. We now offer up to 16 controlled Drives in a single standard system.

The ability to use your electro-dynamic or electro-hydraulic shaker table to produce classical shape pulses with Jaguar™ greatly enhances your laboratory ’s productivity.

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Jaguar™ recreates multiple degree of freedom environments in the laboratory. Applications as diverse as shaking a portable computer in 3 axes simultaneously,driving a very heavy structure in one axis while sharing the load over many shakers,or even recreating 6 DOF movement at each of the four wheels of an automobile may now be accomplished with Jaguar™ MIMO applications.