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The RMA package is a PC-based system which operates with Puma™ hardware to offer the best possible acquisition and analysis of vibration and noise data in variable speed measuring applications.

At the heart of this system is a dual Tachometer hardware board which runs at a clock speed near 100 MHz and uses double-buffered counters. This permits accurate, real-time measurement of tachometer signals up to 100,000 Hz on each channel. Thus rotors with speeds up to 100,000 RPM and 60 pulses per rev can easily be accommodated.

Real-Time measurements have always been the forte' of Spectral Dynamics and the RMA package only enhances this reputation. Capable of working with from 4 to 128 signal input channels, in addition to the 4 Tacho inputs.

RMA offers Real-Time displays of:
Input Time Waveforms

  • Standard Spectrum (vs. frequency)
  • Spectrum vs. Orders
  • PSD vs. Frequency or Orders
  • G 2 vs. Frequency or Orders
  • Order Tracking of selected Orders vs. RPM
  • Waterfall displays with wide range of Colors and orientations
  • Spectral Intensity Diagrams with Hz or Orders vs. RPM
  • True Campbell Diagrams of Frequency vs. RPM

Rotating Machinery Analysis Product Brochure & Technical Specifications

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