Do you wonder what "Ground Loops" are?signal

Do you find the question "What Gain are you using on your power amp?" frustrating to answer?

Are you uncertain about the proper choice of sensor for your test needs?

Do you wonder about Time Domain and Frequency Domain and wish people simply spoke English?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, the SA Short Course may be for you.


  • The two-day course will be offered at the location of your choice or any of our offices nationwide.


  • We start at the beginning, with discussion about what vibration is. What transducers do and how they do it. Discussions of transducer types and why there are so many choices.
  • Noise and Signal-to-Noise Ratio will be clear. Aliasing will be understood, as will Anti-Aliasing Filters. Digital Filters and analog filtering will make sense. Sample rate will no longer sound confusing.
  • Terms such as Power Spectral Density (PSD), Transfer Function or H(f), Spectrum, Auto Power Spectrum, Cross Spectrum, Shock Response Spectrum (SRS), and many others will make sense and will be discussed in the context where you will encounter them.


  • The student will have a comprehensive grasp of Sample Theory so that the understanding of the Nyquist and Shannon Theorem are clear. Time history processing will become a tool rather than a fear. Windowing will be explained so the student may employ the appropriate window for the desired results for the type of signal being measured.
  • These and many other rules, myths and lore will be clear after successful completion of the two-day Signal Analysis Short Course.

Contact to attend:
Gloria Hernandez
(800) 778-8755 x44

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