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To protect your investment in your Spectral Dynamics test system, Spectral Dynamics offers a variety of hardware and software support plans. 

Hardware Support

Spectral Dynamics offers a variety of annual hardware service plans to meet your requirements and budget.  These plans offer two key benefits: First, they prolong the life of your equipment while maximizing up time and ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.  Second, they simplify budgeting by providing free repairs and installation.  Contact Spectral Dynamics to learn more about hardware support plans.

Spectral Dynamics Service Plan Features:

  • Preventative maintenance and calibration
  • Free installation of engineering change notices and add-ons
  • Repair visits
  • Premium software support
  • Protect your equipment and your budget

Preventative Maintenance and Calibration

Preventative maintenance is essential to prolonging the life and ensuring the accuracy of Spectral Dynamics Shaker Control and analysis systems.  Spectral Dynamics field service engineers identify potential problems before malfunctions occur, preventing expensive repairs or costly delays in your manufacturing or testing process.

Calibration is essential for accurate test results.  We calibrate your test system for compliance with NIST traceable standards.

Preventative maintenance includes operational diagnostic testing, calibration, cleaning, and replacement of defective parts.

Self Maintenance Options

Spectral Dynamics also offers system diagnostic and calibration tools to help you maintain and calibration you test system.  Hardware spares kits may also be purchased to reduce down time for system repairs.

VXI Products

DSPT (DSP Technology, Inc) Legacy Product Support
CAMAC Product Support and Repair Services

Software Support

Technical support for your Spectral Dynamics test system is only a phone call away.  Spectral Dynamics has experienced application engineers available to assist you in offices throughout the U.S.  A Premium Software Support contract provides unlimited toll-free telephone and fax assistance and automatic software updates. 

Premium Software Support

Spectral Dynamics' Premium Software Support is a cost-effective option for customers who require frequent telephone assistance, as well as the latest Spectral Dynamics software and documentation.  This program provides unlimited technical assistance via telephone or fax, guaranteed four-hour response for call received before 1:00 pm Pacific Time, and automatic software updates with documentation.

Customer Training

Spectral Dynamics offers both theoretical and operator training courses.  Regularly scheduled training courses are held at SD facilities throughout the U.S.  Custom training courses may also be scheduled at customer facilities.

Support for the Puma Computer Aided Test Suite.

Spectral Dynamics offers both theoretical and operator training courses.

Support for the Lynx Computer Aided Test Suite.

Support for the Bobcat Computer Aided Test Suite.