Tutorials - Puma and GraphTool

naval academy admissions essay A video tutorial explaining the basics of click working with the toolbar controls. enter A video tutorial explaining the basics of see working with graphs and plots.

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  • Customizing the toolbar buttons and location.
  • Creating a graph.
  • Adding and defining a plot.
  • Opening and navigating through a data file.
  • How to use the graph type toolbar for quick http://eversky.com.tr/?q=what-is-professional-writing access of user defined graphs.
  • How to scale, zoom, pan, and use markers.
  • Showing abort and limit lines.
  • Resizing and moving a graph.
  • Number of total graphs and plots displayed source link based on graphics level.
  • How to define a custom text tag.
  • Axis properties such as margins, fonts, exercises for critical thinking and min/max values.
  • Adding multiple Y axis' on a graph.
  • How to view post analysis and live data.
  • Using the graph templates (.sgt and .gt files)
  • Using tag info box to display channel, schedule, and profile data.
  • How to lock the graphs so that multiple
    graphs can be moved with 1 click.

click here A video tutorial explaining the basics of
printing and report generation.
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  • The benefits of Puma's "Report Ready Graphics"
    which allow you to send a report to a printer with
  • How to print to Microsoft Word. This allows for the
    many possibilities of report customization.
  • Using the Windows Clipboard to export X and Y
    ASCII values into spreadsheet applications such
    as Microsoft Excel.
  • Using the Windows Clipboard to copy and paste
    a graph into Microsoft Word and Excel as well as
    many other Clipboard compatible
    Windows applications.

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