Spectral Dynamics' Water Cooled Shakers

The Water Cooled Shakers are versatile wide frequency
band electrodynamic vibration test system which
feature the following:
  • Water Cooled
  • Large diameter, lightweight armature
  • Double Field Coils (Upper and Lower) design
  • Ultra-Compact energy efficiency amplifier
  • Available combined with slip table
  • Sine、Random and Transient Testing
  • Standard Vertical and Horizontal Operation

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Part Number
Peak to Peak Displacement
SD-17600-19/DA-80 17,600 lbf (8,000 kgf) 2 Inches (51 mm)
SD-22000-19/DA-100 17,600 lbf (8,000 kgf) 2 Inches (51 mm)
SD-22200-25/DA-120 24,200 lbf (12,000 kgf) 2 Inches (51 mm)
SD-35200-23/DA-160 35,200 lbf (16,000 kgf) 2 Inches (51 mm)
SD-35200-25/DA-160 35,200 lbf (16,000 kgf) 2 Inches (51 mm)
SD-39600-23/DA-180 39,600 lbs (18,000 kgf) 2 Inches (51 mm)
SD-39600-25/DA-180 39,600 lbs (18,000 kgf) 2 Inches (51 mm)


NOTE: In keeping with our commitment to continuous product improvement, the information herein is subject to change.


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