Spectral Dynamics, Inc. Founded 1961.
TimeData Corp., later GenRad Structural Test Products (STP) Founded 1966.
Dunegan/PIND Testers Founded 1968
Synergistic Technology Incorporated (STI) Founded 1978.
Structural Measurement Systems (SMS) Founded 1979.

Continuous operations since inception.

Spectral Dynamics was acquired by Scientific Atlanta in 1978. General Radio, later renamed GenRad, acquired TimeData Corp. in 1978. Jim Tucker and Stewart Slykhous acquired Dunegan/PIND testers in 1988. In 1989 GenRad STP acquired Structural Measurement Systems, including the STAR product line. In 1993 PIND Testers acquired Spectral Dynamics from Scientific Atlanta and changed the company name to Spectral Dynamics, Inc. In 1995 the new Spectral Dynamics acquired the Structural Test Products division of GenRad, including the former Structural Measurement Systems product line STAR. Spectral Dynamics, Inc. acquired Synergistic Technology Incorporated in November 1996.