• The SD FELIX™ system easily exceeds the requirements of all military standards for PIND testing (U.S. MIL-STD-883, 750, 202,39016D) and since everything is in software it can be expanded later for any test configuration imaginable.
  • Imbedded sensors that monitor and display the actual shaker motion with computer analysis to correct for any changes in test conditions, the SD FELIX™ test system generates accurate and repeatable test conditions.
  • The unique SD FELIX™ PIND shaker creates accurate “Active Shocks” with adjustable shock levels by controlling the velocity of the shaker head and correcting for device differences prior to impact. • The SD FELIX™ system offers a low profile, low
    stray magnetic field design that eliminates any need for an expensive special test bench, required for
    conventional shakers with external shock fixtures.
  • The SD FELIX™ system is an all-DIGITAL system with no knobs or screws to adjust. It is fully programmable to your own specifications or as required by MIL standards. Since everything is generated by the computer, the user can create different amplitudes, frequencies, and durations. There is future expansion to more complex motion environments including random vibration and advanced Shock conditions.
  • The SD FELIX™ system is fully automated at the touch of a button—or optional external activation that talks to Windows 10.
    PROGRAMMABLE SOFTWARE FOR MORE VERSATILITY The FELIX™ system is programmed in C++ directly in the Windows10 O/S making the program readily compatible with other tools like Windows Office. Reports, printing, and Networking are easy and simple. With a native Windows Program ensures that the latest security features are employed. FELIX™ software allows for Data collection of the vibration, shock, and acoustic channels. Each type of signal can be replayed for more in depth  understanding of the interactions between the acoustic noise and the motion environment.