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This application starts with the same high quality Random signal generation and control quality that Random employs. Tones are added with the same quality of signal generation and sweep capability that Sine employs.


  • Up to 10 independent tones on a broadband random
  • Independent sweep profile for each tone (acceleration, velocity, displacement, and straight line segments)
  • Independent sweep rate and direction for each tone
  • Smooth, phase-continuous sweep (tone frequencies independent of broadband FFT lines)
  • Time domain level extraction, independent control for each tone with automatic adjustment for tone sweep
  • Independent display and storage of tone sweep amplitude vs. frequency
  • Sweeping Tones DO NOT leave a “hole” as they change frequency i.e. the random energy remains correct

What makes SOR unique is its ability to add or subtract the tones without harming the Random energy.

Random is a Frequency Domain product. Sine is a Time Domain product. Simply summing the signals is incorrect methodology resulting in distortion. By employing Spectral Dynamics’ unique tone insertion technique there is no distortion and no spectral hole is created to harm the distribution of the random energy. High performance distributed processing makes this technique possible for Lynx™.